Based off the license plate Tobias got in season 4 of w:c:ArrestedDevelopment: ANUSTART. Intended to be read as "A New Start", everyone else reads it as "Anus Tart".

Pronounced "A Nü Star Trek".

Anüs Tar Trek cannot be defined by what it is, only by what it is not.

Anüs Tar Trek is not the new name of The Greatest Discovery podcast, a nü Star Trek podcast that is a rebranding of an old Star Trek podcast by a couple of guys who are embarrassed to have this many Star Trek podcasts.

Anüs Tar Trek is not the travel podcast by Armus, tar creature who is a bit of an asshole.

Anüs Tar Trek is probably not the name of a beverage that you can buy at your local coffee shop, but that's just a matter of time.

Anüs Tar Trek might be an item for sale at Ikea. Maybe one of those weird shoe expander things that nobody knows what they're for.

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