So, one time Adam bought himself and Ben a case of ST:TNG Portfolio Prints Series One cards, because what a pal, right?

And then Adam and Ben decided to also start opening packs prior to the episode reviews.

Sometimes it's just Ben opening a pack, and then describing his glorious cardboardy spoils, and sometimes both Adam and Ben do it at the same time. Occasionally they have found signed cards amongst the episode-centered cards, which spurred on the fruitless hunt for a Natural Yeager.


Ben and Adam discovered that Series One only covers odd-numbered cards, and so when they finished their Series One boxes, they purchased a pair of Series Two boxes in order to complete their super nerdy sets.

With Series Two, the fellows have decided to simply open packs until a limited edition card (i.e. signed card, or the like) is found, creating a competition that is perhaps not terribly well thought out, but is enjoyable all the same.

It was suggested that viewers with ASMR might enjoy this segment a bit too much due to the crinkly sounds of the packs being opened.

As of episode 159, Adam and Ben have concluded opening the Portfolio Prints cards, and since have moved on to playing "War".

Episode 203 found Ben and Adam returning to opening trading cards, this time centered around cards related to Deep Space Nine.

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