On Planet Styrofoam, Kira steps in May-quese skat. When she & Odo try to scrape it off they build it up & build it up & build it up & now it's solid...solid as a rock! Nog tries to get a Trump University scholarship to Starfleet.

It looks like Kira's going out "Ripley on Fury 161-style." She lets Odo know she's bucket-curious. It's hard on him, & he thinks more than her hair has changed. Nog proves he has Starfleet's most prized skill: report making.

Drunk Shimoda Edit

Adam's pick is Sisko

For the having the latitude and ability to be a chaos agent for good

Ben's pick is O'Brien

For having lots of off-screen fun hangs

Trading Cards Edit

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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