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Moogie convinces Zek to move Ferenginar in a pro-Ms. Magazine direction and he gets the boot out of office for it. Now Brunt's acting Nagus and Zek needs Quark to help him circle the horseshoe-shaped wagons to save his job.

When Moogie goes down to a fight coma, Zek, instead of calling Kevin Uxbridge for a quality substitute, has Quark go full Tootsie to convince the Ferengi Brawndo chairman to back Zek's "girls are good for business" platform.

Opening Segment

Friendly Fire

Show Bits

P1 Messages

Love you

To Husband

Drunk Shimoda

Adam's pick is Anyone who had the chance to stop this

For not stopping this

Ben's pick is Leeta

For being a bright spot in the episode

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