Drunk Shimoda is a reference to TNG episode 3, "The Naked Now," where engineer Jim Shimoda is so inebriated by a virus that he removes all the isolinear chips from the engineering systems. Like a drunk baby, he is so oblivious to the consequences of his actions that he playfully stacks them while the ship counts down to destruction. This sublime state of delirious self-expression was so touching to Adam and Ben that they created a designation honoring each episode's character who most embodied his spirit.

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There are 6(?) additional Shimodas which can only be known by Maximum Fun donors. Donate here to find the Drunk Shimodas to the secret bonus episodes on Star Trek: Generations and Crimson Tide. The Premature Assimilation Tour featured Drunk Shimodas from Star Trek: First Contact as well, but the author didn't remember who they were.

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