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Shimoda Power Rankings over the course of Discovery, as compiled by @colindinsmore

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Discovery Rankings:

  • 7 - Tilly
  • 6 - Saru
  • 5 - Michael Burnham
  • 4.5 - Stamets
  • 3.5 - Spock
  • 3 - Georgiou

For the purposes of scoring, half points are awarded to characters who only share one of the hosts' distinction for that episode.

Discovery Episode List Edit

Ep. Name Ben's DS Reason Adam's DS Reason

Discovery Season OneEdit

1D Oopsie-Daisy Murder Burnham For hot-rodding through the asteroid field Capt. Georgiou For making the Starfleet insignia in the sand
2D* The Georgiou Rule Heads of the Klingon Houses For being extremely convincible by T'Kuvma Ben & Adam For having forgetten to do Drunk Shimodas in this episode
3D Push Triangle to Talk to Captain Lorca The Klingon who hushes the Starfleet officers on the Glenn For being incongruous as a Klingon, like he was in a horror movie Tilly For her nervous energy**
4D All It Took Was a Buffet Lt. Stamets For trusting Burnham that he should transport the tardigrade into engineering, but not trusting her enough not to hold a phaser at it Tilly For trusting that the tardigrade won't kill her, with absolutely no evidence
5D Curved Like a Bat'leth Lt. Stamets For lying to the captain that he'll hurt the tardigrade in front of his boyfriend Lt. Stamets [Same]
6D She's All Up in that Butt with the Katra Admiral Bob (Cornwall) Adam For not anticipating the trap she's getting into by going to meet the Klingons For his comments about the Food Replicator The Food Replicator For how great it would be to start the day with a lovely convo with a food replicator
7D Bridal Level Threat Ganglia Lorca For initially being the most chill and then acting the most incongruously (e.g. calling the whale a 'fish' but having his own lab onboard) Tilly For actually being drunk while she examines the Gormagander in her party clothes and high-heels
8D Kool-Aid Sneeze Saru For looking crazy while he runs (in sped-up footage) Saru Because his 'convinced' state resembles the original Shimoda in completely going along with the Pahvo
9D Mek'leths at Dawn Lt. Stamets For his expression of indignation for having to submit himself for a physical Tilly For not being able to stop talking when Culber shows up prior to the jump scene
10D Giant Barrel of Goo Gone Helmsman of the Shenzhou For not being confident in his salute Tilly For the scenes "getting into character" and her whole "hold your horses" dialogue part
11D That's Going All the Way In Seru For his cockiness after beaming Ash Tyler aboard Lorca For smirking when Burnham doesn't salute the Empress immediately
12D Gremlins in the Microwave Dr. Culber For there being an abrupt "jump scare" cut to Culber brushing his teeth Guy who witnesses the throwing star massacre For being left alive and told he'll get a promotion for cleaning it up
13D Half Apple and a Pancake Guy in grey jumpsuit during fight For staying out of the action, particularly around 32 min mark, in the hopes of living "Reaction shot salad" (production technique) For going around the horn showing everyone on the bridge at the points when Lorca's secret is revealed, and when the date of their return is discovered
14D Head to the Penthouse for the Party Admiral Bob (Cornwall) For phasering Lorca's fortune cookies Admiral Bob (Cornwall) For phasering the cookies, panicking at Starbase 1, and giving Georgiou command
15D 21 Jump Streeting Qo'nos Clint Howard For saying "I'm Orion" when caught trying to steal hear nuclear football suitcase Tilly For eating whale, getting high, being pumped about the future

Short Treks Season OneEdit

29 How to Fix Your Butt
31 When the Crew is Away the Zora will Play
33 Big Doggin' the Bar
35 Leaned Into the Scruff
Ep. Name Ben's DS Reason Adam's DS Reason

Discovery Season TwoEdit

36 The Tight Stuff Linus For sneezing on Connolly Detmer and Owosekun For faking confidence over the comms
37 New Weeden Michael Burnham For having a dirty mind Jacob For using a grenade that his society can't make
38 It Tastes Human Michael Burnham Tribble ringtone Georgiou For softening around a baby
39 H.R. Goo-ger Pike and Michael Burnham Not paying attention while being triage nurses Stamets and Jett Reno Tripping on shrooms
40 Butt-Dial Georgiou Saru Feeling awkward about his lack of ganglia Tilly For delivering a line so good they flipped the screen
41 Pink Note Pike For delivering bad writing Saru For arranging roommate unfriendly quarters
42 Scramble Spock's Egg Leland Being no match for Georgiou Ash Tyler For beating the tentacle with a wrench
43 lowercase t Spock For rolling his eyes a an "Alice in Wonderland" reference Georgiou For rolling her eyes at Leland's hubris
44 Star Trek Canasta Saru For his reaction to federation mines Airiam For being constantly comp-blocked
45 Taint on Taint Culber For acting like a lost child Pike For displaying breath-play videos in the workplace
46 Contreland Spock Setting up a react gif by saying, "I like science" Spock For his pronunciation of 'Tze'
47 Time Cuck Michael Burnham and Spock For not inhabiting the truth of Kamran Gant's situation Michael Burnham Groaning like Lucy from the Peanuts' Gang
48 Big Science Energy Saru For trying to cover his ass after failing in front of his co-workers Rando Starfleet For taking a potted plant while evacuating
49 Travel Poops L'Rell For being the jealous girlfriend meme Disco Crew For re-vacuating a doomed ship

Short Treks Season TwoEdit

62 Suppress Your Freaky
63 A Very Thick Ankylosaur
65 Geodesic Gimp Mask
67 Into what you insert Dot

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*Ben & Adam completely forgot to do this segment in this episode. Their choices are retrospective as of episode 3.
**Adam predicts she will be the first character to cry on the series

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