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The TOS rankings:

  • 2 - Spock
  • 1.9 - Kirk
  • 1.5 - McCoy
  • 1.5 - Scotty
  • 1 - Chekov

For the purposes of scoring, half points are awarded to characters who only share one of the hosts' distinction for that episode.

OG ShimodasEdit

Name Ben's DS Reason Adam's DS Reason
Hot Bunkin' It Rando Crewman For trying to give Pike paperwork and giving up when he is ignored Helmsman José Tyler For holding up 7 fingers to indicate warp speed

Season OneEdit

Issue 217 Yeoman Rand For serving coffee while not giving a fuck Baily For his improve scene at Kirk
Legendarily Horny Mudd For being a con-man that can't believably lie Spock For a conspiratorial look to Kirk
The Skin of Kermit the Frog Styles For not reading the room Timecode :28:04 For the Romulan panel having boobs on it
Streisand-Effecting the Planet McCoy For almost calling out Spock on highjacking the ship Chief Humbolt For receiving maddening client instructions
Deus Ex Mendez Rando Security For standing like superman Spock For screaming, "The Women!"
Pre-Bow Mall Santa Display Ayelborne For not being honest about being a powerful energy being Basil Poledouris For slumming it as an extra in a Star Trek

Season TwoEdit

Erect Arm Status Mirror Kirk [Donor Bonus] Kirk [Donor Bonus]
One Chop Chump Norman For his bulging pecks and package Scotty & McCoy For their speech to Norman
Stepping on a Ketchup Packet Cyrano Jones For stealing drinks the moment a bar fight starts Ensign Freeman For going home with someone elses' tribble

Season ThreeEdit

Name Ben's DS Reason Adam's DS Reason

Animated Season OneEdit

It’s Always a Problem for Kirk (same) (same) Mr. Kyle For being intriguing
Unfrozen Caveman Eugenicist Research Ensign For animating him from a weird angle Vulcan Healer For driving a pink hovercar
It’s Always a Problem for Kirk Scotty For thinking out loud Cyrano Jones For being Edward Larkin
Unfrozen Caveman Eugenicist God shot For depicting Kirk as a small Stavos Keniclius Prime For not having a cable news subscription

Animated Season TwoEdit


Greatest Gen Khan (Non main character) [Donor Bonus] (Non main character) [Donor Bonus]
Flop House cross-over (Non main character) [Donor Bonus] (Non main character) [Donor Bonus]
**Flop House Shimodas (Non main character) (Non main characters) Chekov

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