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Lower Decks Rankings:

  • 5 - Mariner
  • 2 - Lt. Shaxs
  • 1 - Tendi
  • 1 - Capt. Freeman
  • 1 - Cdr. Ransom
  • 0 - Boimler
  • 0 - Rutherford
  • 0 - Dr. T'Ana
  • 0 - Lcdr. Stevens

For the purposes of scoring, half points are awarded to characters who only share one of the hosts' distinction for that episode.

Lower Decks Episode List Edit

Ep. Name Ben's DS Reason Adam's DS Reason

Lower Decks Season OneEdit

90 A Very Angry Zit (same) (same) Mariner for having the most fun
91 Cup O Gagh Quimp for wearing a monocle Mariner until it's not
92 Self Petered Rando For yelling "crystals!" Cmdr. Ransom for being arch at all times
93 The Only Way You Can Ascend Lt. Shaxs For squatting away the turbolift warning sign Mariner for her incredulity at the idea of a friendly poker game
94 USS Weekly Capt. Freeman for turning on the rich instantly Mariner for pushing people out of the way that were'nt in her way
95 Amuse-Burger Zebulon Sisters for adding a third chu to the chu-chu dance Fletcher being a chaos agent because he made a mistake at work
96 Dr. Katz, Medicine Woman Duckman what's the deal with him? Tendi For having a ton of fun with The Dog
97 Chicken Tendi Clar for using burners and eels Q for having the most fun
98 Fish vs. Dog Winger & Lt. Lemonts for living their lives Offscreen guy for yelling "Oh Hell Yeah Jet!"
99 Miracle Measuring Contest Jen For existing and not existing at the same time Lt. Shaxs For going all out

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