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Shimoda Power Rankings (post season 5) compiled by @colindinsmore

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Picard Rankings:

  • 3 - Santiago Cabrera
  • 2 - Agnes Jurati
  • 2 - Elnor
  • 2 - Picard
  • 2 - Riker
  • 2 - 7 of 9

For the purposes of scoring, half points are awarded to characters who only share one of the hosts' distinction for that episode.

Picard Episode List Edit

Ep. Name Ben's DS Reason Adam's DS Reason
69 Federation News Network

Picard Season OneEdit

70 B-4 in a Drawer Dr. Jurati For being a fun character Dr. Jurati Laughing in Picards' face for being a star trek
71 Sexual Checkers Laris For believing in the conspiracy Romulans Narek For sticking it into his surveillance target
72 The Romulans that Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Zhaban For hitting a biker on his helmet with a bottle of Chateau Picard Santiago For playing emergency actor roles
73 Ten Forward of Twenty Rizzo For bothering Narek while wearing black leather Santiago For playing Benicio del Toro
74 Lethal Lenny Energy Elnor For not knowing how to lie Santiago For wearing a pimp hat
75 Haunted and Horny Rios For rehydrating with booze Elnor For his combination of innocence and violence
76 The Vomit Hat Trick Picard For the look on his face at the word "Android" Riker For barking starship commands at his house
77 They Don’t Keep Making Titanics Raffi For thinking a holo was Rios Picard For his smirk when asked "Do you believe in Hell?"
Honorable Mention Rios For banging on the forcefield
78 Shades of Gold 7 of 9 For doing bits 7 of 9 same
79 Synthetic Rumspringa Synth Guards For having Gandolf staffs Captain Riker For his react smile
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