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A wiki by some people who are a bit embarrassed to have a wiki about a couple of podcasts by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a few Star Trek podcasts.

The Greatest Generation is a Star Trek review podcast on the Maximum Fun network. Featuring notorious pizza thief Adam Pranica and sandwich-hater Benjamin Ahr Harrison, it is the highest rated Star Trek podcast on iTunes that almost exclusively focuses on dick jokes.

Between January 2016 and October 2017, the show centered on a twice-per-week episode-by-episode review of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Between October 2017 and February 2021, the show moved to a once-per-week review centered on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, before reviewing Star Trek: Voyager between February 2021 and May 2024. The show began reviewing Star Trek: Enterprise from May 2024 on a once-per-week schedule.

Beginning in September of 2017, Adam and Ben created a new podcast called The Greatest Discovery, which focuses on new Star Trek properties starting with Discovery. It airs once a week during seasons, and during the hiatus between seasons Ben and Adam change to a bi-weekly schedule, with episodes featuring special guests or reviews of DISCO comic books, along with other Trek-related news.

In August 2022 The Greatest Discovery podcast changed its name to Greatest Trek. It reviews all nu trek programs including Star Trek: Picard, Lower Decks, and Strange New Worlds.

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2023 Tour

New Live Event for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Tickets Available for select locations August through November.

Latest Episodes

Look at How They Massacred Our Nausicaans (ENT S1E10) - - 2024/07/15 07:00

When the Entrepreneur gets sent to help a freighter in distress, its acting captain is a bit of a base-model Toyota Corolla enthusiast. But when a friendly check-in from a Maritime standpoint starts s...

The Civet of Akaali (ENT S1E9) - - 2024/07/08 07:00

When the Entrepreneur gets within range of an inhabited planet, an away team shuttles down to learn more about its plain-ass inhabitants. But when another alien on the DL has contaminated the town wit...

Chekhov’s Banality (ENT S1E8) - - 2024/07/01 07:00

When Enterprise discovers a great big comet, Captain Archer sends a team to get a closer look. But when a personal matter involving T’Pol threatens her future on the ship, her professional opportuniti...

Gotta Hover in Science Fiction (ENT S1E7) - - 2024/06/24 07:00

When Captain Archer wants to visit a tragically chill monastery, the away team beams down just in time for a hostage situation. But when the Andorians can’t find the hidden technology they’re looking...

Diller Hoof Soup Company (ENT S1E6) - - 2024/06/17 07:00

When the Entrepreneur goes looking for a long-lost colony, they find a group of cafeteria Novans living in real Star Trek caves. But when the dumb-dumbs can’t understand why they’re slowly becoming ir...