An impression of special conscience. Based on the immortally deus ex machiney character Kevin Uxbridge from the season three episode "The Survivors", Ben and Adam (mostly Adam) often perform impersonations accompanied by ice cream truck music (of either Adam's preference for the West Coast's "Turkey in the Straw" or Ben's preference for the East Coast's "Mr. Softee Jingle" version). They frequently allude to Kevin's side business of making Real Dolls, in addition to his other assorted genocidal activities.

Ben briefly switched the format to a personal interview with Adam's Uxbridge impression, much to Adam's chagrin, but it has more lately been a free-for-all go to for moments of pod levity. Kevin is the most common impression go-to for our intrepid hosts, and there is no law to fit this crime.

Music Box Audio Edit

  • Mr. Frostee Version (East Coast)
    • Uxbridge music box (mr frostee)
  • Turkey In The Straw (West Coast)
    • Uxbridge music box (turkey in the straw)
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