Occasionally on the pod, Ben and Adam drop some etiquette knowledge on their viewers. So far, they feel quite strongly that:

  1. Seats in airplanes must never be reclined. Frequent fliers for work, they are adamant that a passenger's personal knee space should not be infringed.
    • Don't talk to someone with headphones on. Your seat mate is not your personal conversation partner.
    • Don't block the jetway. You can't just sit on the ground wherever you please.
  2. Don't touch the screen. Specifically, do not place your oily fingers on other peoples' computer monitors, tablets, etc. Also, if you can reach said screens, you're standing too close.
  3. Leave without saying goodbye. Guests should quietly depart gatherings and parties without making a spectacle. Never drawing attention to oneself in social situations is a given, especially if it is your own party.
  4. When interacting with someone in a customer service position: be polite, be kind, tip well, be brief.
  5. Don't do bits on tips. When interacting with a captive audience who is relying on you for their recompense, do not do bits. This is probably an extension of 4 but deserves its own rule.
  6. The bathroom in an RV is for #1s only.
  7. TGG must be listened to at 1x speed.
  8. When waving at a stranger, no wiggly fingers.
69. Don't use the bathroom wearing dry trunks.[1]

It should be noted there was a temporary alternate Rule 4: "No hand wrapping". This rule was specifically mentioned during a discussion of rear-end-cleaning during DS9 Season 3 Episode 2, but it was then retracted during the episode's Maron Opening, with the understanding that the rule wouldn't affect people getting along or being nice to each other.

References Edit

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