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Character/Group Drops[edit | edit source]

Admiral Belt Buckle: Sick belt buckle, Bro!
Borgs: Picard's a Borg!
Chief O'Brien: This Is Fucking Spectacular
Chris Brynner: of Brynner Information Systems
Ensign Ro Laren: John Cena's Drop (John Cena - youtube full)
LeVar Burton: "Bullshit man! This is bullshit!"
Maquis: Mayqueese?
Morn: The Mornhammer (CLANG!)
Odo: Mr. Bucket
Tasha Yar: "I don't believe this!"
Wesley Crusher: The Boy!? MY SON!
Worf: "Is this your idea of sex!?"

References/ Effect Drops[edit | edit source]

Ankylosaur (Robot Voice)
Daily Double (Jeopardy)
Fire all the torpedoes
Friendly Fire: Hunh! YEAH!
Mars Attacks
Mclaughlin Group: Issue One!!
Mclaughlin Group: Issue Two!!
Rambo, First Blood Part II: That's a hell of a combination
Spaceballs: "Knock on my door! KNOCK NEXT TIME!"
Star Trek VI: Sabo.. Hence the word 'sabotage'
To Catch A Predator: "What's going on here seems pretty pervy..."
Wayne's World: Flashback ("Dooda-la-loot! Dooda-la-loot!")

Music[edit | edit source]

Bible Study Adam Ragusea
Captain Potter
Code 47 Loop Adam Ragusea
P1 Loop Adam Ragusea
"You just got Schism'd"
Abrupt End Credits[edit | edit source]
  • Deep Space Nine
Uxbridge Music Box[edit | edit source]
  • Mr. Frostee Version (East Coast)
  • Turkey In The Straw (West Coast)

Segment Drops[edit | edit source]

Always Doing Bits! BITS! BITS!
Card Game: Time to pluck a pigeon
Mad Libs
Package Delivery: Code 47
Priority One Messages / Jumbotron (Supplemental Income)
War: That nonsense is centuries behind us!
DRUNK SHIMODA! (My Sharona)[edit | edit source]
  • Ben and Adam - Short Sting
  • Full Song Version (Credit: Kyle Philips aka nosehair515)
The Next Generation Segments[edit | edit source]
Episode Vetoes
  • Last Time on Star Trek: The Next Generation..
  • Lock
  • Unlock
  • And now.. the conclusion!
Deep Space Nine Segments[edit | edit source]
Game of Buttholes: The Will of The Prophets
  • Game Intro (Thunderclap)
  • You're required to learn as you play... Roll!
  • Square Hit: ALLAMARAINE!!!
  • Square Missed: Chulaaa! Did I win? HARDLY!!!

TNG Themes/Interstitials[edit | edit source]

TNG Intro Theme - The Picard Song by Dark Materia
You Don't Deserve To Wear That Uniform!
Hm, I'm entitled to ramble on about something everyone knows!
One Long Incredibly Unbroken Sentence
M-m-make it so, make it so!
Darmok, and Jalad, at, Tenagra!
I am Locutus of Borg. YOU. ARE. BORG.

DS9 Themes/Interstitials[edit | edit source]

DS9 Intro Theme - The Picard Song chopped and screwed by Adam Ragusea
Do you realize how incredible this is!?
I don't use the bucket anymore.
Gul Dukat -- Dukat? -- Dukat..
Allamarine! Count to four! I'm not Picard, I'm not Picard. Exactly!
You really want to do this here, now!? Okay, OKAY! Let's DO IT!
Dear, sweet, Morn!!!
Gotta get that, get that, gold pressed latinum! Am I right?
Gotta get that, get that, gold pressed latinum! That's a lotta yamok sauce!

Disco Themes/Interstitials[edit | edit source]

Discovery Intro by Adam Ragusea Full Version
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