The Enterprise crew gets "space drunk" while young Wesley Crusher's science experiment traps him and Assistant Chief Engineer Shimoda inside Engineering. Will the crew stop boning each other long enough to save the ship? Is the "scarf economy" real? Why hasn't this show been cancelled yet? All these topics, and more, on The Greatest Generation.

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0s still the finest crew in Staffing
  11.800s Gotta Be You
  14.400s welcome to the greatest Generation a Star Trek the Next Generation podcast by two guys are a little bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast I'm one of your host Ben Harrison hey I'm the other host Adam pranica I guess we're pot committed on revealing our identities and you know maybe for the best I still have really mixed feelings about it to be honest we're recording all these episodes dark at this Bryant so we still could choose never to release this it don't put out I mean like recording a podcast is already a waste of time I guess I am putting off important paid work to do this so I guess I've made that choice now we're doing it we're doing it big time
  80.900s so this is this episode is the naked now the
  86s it's the second episode but it's listed as episode 3 because I guess in 1987 if you had an episode that was twice as long as normal that had to be counted as episodes one and two write the Netflix as it is as episode 2 though so if you're following along at home using a Netflix or a or another television streaming provider your yard numbering nomenclature might varied Wikipedia episode 3 and I have to imagine Wikipedia has the most official nomenclature as far as that goes
  123.600s this is really interesting yeah this is all going to get cut out I did you ever see the the canonical original series episode that I sort of related to this cuz I hadn't and I still have watched a lot of the original series but I'm usually so bored within the first 30 seconds of the beginning of an episode that I immediately start playing with my phone so it may or may not have theoretically been on a TV that I was in the presence of but I don't really have any specific memory of it
  161.600s yeah I mean the board and feeling is something I felt pretty acutely as the as this episode kicked out I managed to resist the use of my phone though that's a nice I was taking copious notes if you've got a notebook somehow that gets easier for Tower Defense video game does it back in you quite as much so this is officially the sweatiest episode of Star Trek the Next Generation the Enterprise is out looking for a science vessel called the shilkofski I think it's pronounced you when I get an alien race a chance to pronounce your ship's name goat go with something that's in Cyrillic yeah so it's a science ship that studying a collapsing supergiant star and they've kind of gone incommunicado
  221.600s and and the away team discovers I guess also there they're kind of heading toward the ship and they get a last transmission that sounds like a real real fun time party is going on on on the chill kofsky and they said they're going to have a real blow out and then you here in explosion add the client is that they've been faxed blown out the hatch time is the rest of the ship is has been turned off in a lot of the heat has been bled into space so this is another another scene where the set designer takes full advantage of the fire extinguisher and yeah hoses down some rooms with I wonder if they just had a bunch of phrase I'm freezing spray paint left over from season one episode one and they were just like
  281.600s you guys got a script or we could use up the rest of this cuz we don't want it sitting around taking up space here in the prop Department set design by Costco they just bought a big pallet of the stuff and decided to use I mean you know it could it could in fact be that like some sort of snow flocking company was Heavy investor in the show and check and send to buy a bunch of that stuff
  308.500s fat ass you got to believe Rikers in his element to I mean he beams over there it's obviously the leavings of of what is a thinly-veiled or G I mean everybody that's naked conveniently has it enough snow on their body to conceal their naughty bits but right so anyways that's probably a form of orgy that hasn't engaged in serious Breaker Program one
  350s the fulcrum moment here is when Jordie opens up somebody's shower and a fully-clothed woman falls out and do his hands and we actually hear the sound of a disease being transmitted from her to him which becomes the the problem for the rest of the episode and how would you describe that sound a lot a lot like Starship door opening or closing kind of a hiss 10 I'd like someone falling up some plastic wrap to me maybe like a pitch shift in plastic wrap crumpled and this is like I feel like that is non-diegetic sound also because like it happens a whole bunch of times for the rest of the episode every time somebody gets infected you hear it happen and it's it's pretty obvious that they can't hear it so it's just there for the benefit of the audience
  409.900s this is happened a couple of times it's a real hey idiot fewer try to try to stay along with us here have been a little bit more fun if they hadn't been over the head with that like like trying to remember oh yeah and you know Jordy touched yard and then yard touch data you know or whatever because it was basic cable syndication they couldn't show the disease being transmitted sexually which I'm sure is how it was in the writers room
  446.900s see
  448.800s this disease takes the form of everybody who has it being super hot and super drunk this is the the drunkest the drunk ass drunk they could possibly be it's like an extreme version of being drunk and and as Jordy kind of dirty like splits from the infirmary which is already it's kind of dubious plot point because you would imagine that Starships would have way better quarantine procedures in place than just like a did you just come back from I don't know a mission with a strange condition go ahead and walk out the door of the infirmary definitely definition of confinement to sickbay is just on a cot next to an unlocked door adore that just leads right into the hallway and to the rest of the ship no waiting room in this sickbay
  508.800s already does this wander into Wesley's room maybe a second note of implied pedophilia is the series and Wesley is playing with his tractor beam toy and his John Luke Picard voice imitation toy Pota which he is working on for a science project I guess which are if you were to if you were to conceive of the two most dangerous toys anyone could have on this or any other Starship it would be the device that allows you to make the captain and something that can pick up other things and move them away so with those toys you know
  555.400s Wesley who is now
  557.700s three sheets to the wind drunk takes over engineering and this is an interesting moment because you know I always think of Jordi laforge is being the chief engineer he is not yet I think that happens in season 2 and and we have two characters who are like the chief and assistant chief engineer's that get kind of Hoodwinked out of being on duty bye bye Wesley the chief engineer is a woman goes to the bridge and the assistant chief whose name is shimoda I think goes to sickbay and Wesley uses his Picard voice imitator to announce that the ship is being taken over and he uses his tractor beam toy to block everybody out of the section of engineering that he's hanging out in
  613.500s Anna this quickly becomes a problem when drunk shimoda comes back and starts goofing around with the control chips the isolinear chips that control the war pension as though they are a Jenga set as we progressed through the series I think we need to call crew members doing things that don't really make a lot of sense does pulling a drunk shimoda absolutely I guess essentially the the rest of the episode is about this star that they are orbiting getting closer and closer to blowing up while the crew is more and more incapacitated by this this ailment and you know every time there's a character that you would need to be on the ball the illness finds a way of getting into them
  673.500s it's such a weird like we talked about this on the for the first episode like it's sort of like tracking an album tracking an album it's like choosing the order of the songs for release I don't understand how this is episode 2 just like I don't understand how encounter at farpoint was was the first episode it's so weird it's very weird and what it rather on Wikipedia is that it is sort of a warmed-over redo of a script from from the original series it was like going to be a sequel to an original series episode that would have been in some episode of the original series butt
  721.100s they decided to kind of rewrite it for the next generation and and the fans hated it because it was too similar Wikipedia floated as being one of the worst episodes of the show I really like after finishing this episode If This Were A series that began now
  739.600s the show would already be on the chopping block right you can as a network justify paying for the next episode of what we have so far watched right it's incredible I mean so far are the main special effects on this science fiction show or a fire extinguisher and a spray bottle of fake sweat a lot more than episode one right it feels a little bit more Star Trek e and to me and
  773.200s see I don't know there's a couple of moments that that actually do kind of have a lasting impact on the series like data banging Tasha Yar which yeah that happened early in the series I ever met in my mind this it happened too much later in the series I didn't know this was episode 2 it's a crazy piece of character development to find out that data is packing and is sexually attractive to yell are when she is wasted I personally think he kind of made a mistake in having sex with her I think that that is a little bit raping maybe but will she's also super mean to him when it's over like I mean she was clearly ashamed of what happened she definitely like initiates but she is not really in a state of mind to be making decisions about who she's
  833.200s Tinker bed with I don't care if you are a robot or a normal crew person I don't think there is any way that you can turn down sexy Tasha Yar who's basically cosplaying as sexy Chynna Phillips and Wilson Phillips who's got like that sexy Superman curl Under head like what is that look about they use some like clear nail polish to to shellac a curl from her hair down onto her forehead it's kind of feelings about that scene belly dancer outfit she did or did not rip off all of the scarves from Troy's apartment and everyone leaves the doors to their to their quarters open like
  893.200s future if you want to hold on to your scarves I think you got a lock your door at least your closet door yeah I mean it's hard to imagine right this is like a post-scarcity society they don't use money like how much of a concept of personal possessions to these people even have the economy isn't based almost entirely on scarves I mean we have this scenes and we have the scene from the pilot episode where Beverly makes a big deal about you know God the scarf will be so much more amazing of had a gold pattern on it and then bam like it has a lot more value to her in that moment
  931.200s do you think that Steven Tyler has an economic theory that could translate to to the Future somehow yeah I'm not going to laboraide I'm just going to say yes yeah yeah so get on The View screen with Wesley and kind of
  957.300s makes an effort to talk Wesley out of stealing the ship
  964.200s and it's a it's a pretty funny moment and it made me think of your point that we haven't seen anything to make us not believe for Cardis a Rattata file right that's the kind of pedophile inside proven not pedophile that's what my position is because the way he talks to us like the kind of like condescension that you would you like to do when you think a kid won't realize that you're kind of sending to him like well Wesley that's a very adult bit of reasoning yeah just showed up it just sort of building and him up a little bit to take advantage of him yeah so little bit of a dark moment
  1011.500s Riker and the chief engineer lady are racing to get the force field down so that they can get into the section of engineering and get the ship start it up again the stars getting closer and closer to collapsing and they finally get it down and they realize that all of these isolinear chips that control the warp engine I guess have been pulled out by drunk shimoda and then there's it's going to take like hours to put them all back in cuz there's hundreds of them can we meet today can Weird Al Yankovic song like like My Sharona episode oh yeah
  1062.300s chuichui just trying like riff a couple of bars
  1066.400s gun nnnnnnnnnnnn
  1073.400s yeah so I finally got it down they realize that their Sol because there's too much too much chips to be put back in to get them out of the way of the now exploding star in time and they convince data to make a game of sticking all the chips back in as fast as you can and this is the first time that we see the data can potentially use super speed to to complete a task and so he plugs the chips in willy-nilly and they realize that there still a minute away from there still going to be a minute short of getting out of there in time and drunk Wesley Crusher figures out a way to reverse the polarity on the tractor beam that they have attached to the till kofsky push it away there by using physics to push the enter
  1133.300s prize in the opposite direction giving them just enough time to get the get the warp engines back online the header price is saved in the nick of time meanwhile and almost exactly at the same time the doctor completes her remedy which they which I guess you based on the remedy from the original series episode and that's it that's a whole that old be storyline of finding the remedy is is pretty funny it's like record comes back in his like gosh you know I vaguely remember reading something somewhere about somebody taking a shower in their clothes data why don't you look into that no surprise that that like the bit of trivia has to do with the shower Strikers concerned relating to the history of ships named Enterprise to remember you know answers to science test he's like God
  1193.300s turn all the Starfleet trivia and if I can only relate it to something sexual I can pass this test
  1204s yeah we find out in this episode that data is way better at Google than anybody on on the Enterprise so they save the ship and then there's there's sort of the same moment at the end where Tasha yar's is super cold the data and they have the sort of water cooler the next day moment where she says like that didn't happen don't tell anybody about it and maybe the one most pronounced example of the show of like speaking directly to their viewer and like with their viewers sensibilities might be like it's as if Tasha Yar looks directly into the camera and goes yeah nerd guy like you know what this is about you know what this is life like you haven't been add turn down in this manner many times before
  1255s say that got friend-zoned yeah he did he did
  1266.500s so I wrote that one of the things I wrote down all has hot chick the episode was what kind of drunk each character is would you like me to go down the list to do it okay George angry drunk Lush Wesley Reckless drunk is the kind of I love you man yeah totally Troy Lush Lush data is a funny drunk is the only one that seems he can hold his liquor I would say do you like that that was a big question I had was like is Riker able to hold it together after being infected because he just has a baseline level of horniness I think differently hot like it gets sweaty like everybody else did not like losing it
  1321.800s and then Picard Lush so Picard and all of the female characters are Mega horny once they get infected by the alcohol syndrome and everybody else is all of the other kinds of drugs so the way he like waves to to the doctor when she's leaving the bridge after almost getting her boobs out oh yeah I mean those is it front uniforms are basically made for for pulling out the boobs when she gets it about halfway down doesn't doesn't quite get to sexy time
  1367s the card basically says like we can't do this here and his Beavis and Butthead
  1377.400s probably as out of character is Patrick Stewart gets in the entire series I want that to be my ringtone formula this is I mean this is the second straight episode where Picard and Beverly demonstrate some weirdness I think there are a few things we can assume and then maybe one thing might be far-fetched but like the hold the card being a pedophile thing we can't rule it out completely I mean they clearly banked yeah I mean the question is no wonder whether a bag during her marriage or is that is that the reason for the shame or or the resistance to it is it is it are they so resistant because it occurred in the context of an infidelity
  1437s yeah it's it's definitely something that's like never fully address but heavily the bushes heavily beat around I would say and do we have any reason to believe that Wesley is not Picard sub hairline man yeah yeah I guess I would be and also I guess the cards attraction to him
  1473.600s God Cisco like this is such a simplistic plot like I can just imagine the writers room having a whiteboard of of just one line plots like what happens if the crew gets drunk there's episode 2 it's really kind of weak I mean to say that the the control chip reinsertion game is an all-time favorite Star Trek moment of mine yeah it's something that like like when I think about data I think about that moment and I think that this is like a unique episode for that reason like it has this like an incredibly iconic moment for me and I also think that is more iconic then data banging yar
  1527.600s not more know as you know and then turns to data when he comes back to when she comes back to the bridge and tells him to speak a word of it to no one that was a general genuine laugh line for me I thought that was really funny so I mean I don't know it just made me sad sad you got to think about us active like like it's not even that he doesn't have an ego is that it just takes everything literally
  1566.700s without thinking about the kind of emotional dimension of it so he's getting friend-zoned but he doesn't even know that that's like a negative place to be he's like okay up to you and I think he was actually infected with a virus or do you think he was sort of being Sammy jankus about it I don't know yeah it's it's real it's it's real you have to invoke a lot of headcanon to get data to be susceptible to the same illness as the crew he tries to make the case for it as if he has turned to the camera in a speaking directly to the viewer like hey I've got blood like everyone else I've got these are whores I don't know that's pretty squishy logic I mean you can compare you to compare the ship's main computer systems to systems like that like why wasn't the whole
  1626.600s infected and super horny for that other ship and banging away on it with the sun chunk that got thrown out towards the ship I guess that is a real 7 star explodes it's it's not it's not like a shock away is it they're escaping it's just like a ball of goo and what a piece of bad luck that is like that it's like right on the right trajectory to hit them yeah yeah you think that like I mean we know that like when when the Klingon Moon of Praxis blows up and
  1673.100s and it hits the Excelsior it's just a shock wave the flex them up so why is it had to be Michelle over the place maybe they just didn't have it in the budget to do like all that computer rendering
  1684.300s when are you less work if it was a way versus some chunk I don't know you know in 1987 it's it's hard to know like what effects were easy to do and what effects were hard to do you want a shock wave effect on a fire extinguisher budget yeah yeah totally I keep thinking about the whole situation like Troy luscious way over to him in engineering and I think this is the first and only time that she's ever called him bill you have built Bill cut my ear as well which is clearly like a pillow talk name totally and then like he just with ease is able to like swing around pick her up take her to sickbay as if turning her down is just something that comes naturally to him or even when he's drunk and going
  1744.300s I've seen this I've seen this 10000 times in the Holodeck like yeah like I'm I'm not even getting a softie at seeing everything that's around here like this does not even move the needle for Riker right he's he's he's traveled to areas of sexuality where no man has gone before
  1766.300s oh yeah I will say the drinkers pretty heroic in this episode and and another thing that this episode really exposes for me is that in season one they sort of had a similar approach with the rolls on the ship that they did in the original series where it's a little bit like everybody's job can kind of change every episode like you've got the doctor the captain Riker and Troi have kind of firm jobs and I guess you are as a forum job but like Geordie doesn't really have a specific job data doesn't really have a specific job Wharf doesn't really have a specific job like you see him switching sides in the bridge all the time like data is on the right side of the bridge at the beginning of the episode that he's on the left side and it's like is he an app's orzac on or is it like doesn't really fucking matter at all like they like had not really thought through who any of these characters were to the ship
  1826.400s right I mean I think you could say they really miss use data you know for his entire career but you can make a strong argument that he shouldn't even be on a ship like he should be building or special yeah yeah but instead he's off fucking Tasha Yar he's doing he's doing what we wish we were all doing right at that Chynna Phillips looks pretty solid
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  1917.800s I don't know it must be the polar region of space in mission to six terms then I'm hearing you describe the show and I'm thinking there's no way that it could be improvised but then also edited and sound design there's also from This American Life is involved the sound design and vocalization and music are all super top-notch a science fiction comedy podcast with This American Life pedigree is something that I have got to listen to sounds pretty so listen And subscribe now for free on Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast its mission to 60 XX
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  2161.500s and by that you mean the next episode called code of honor I honestly I don't remember much from this first season if I if you would ask me before watching at what point the whole Enterprise gets drunk episode happens I would have said like in a couple of seasons
  2183.100s yeah it's a yeah but I think you are I mean spoiler alert but Yaar eats it at some point in season 1 I thought that's right she gets taken down by by the pile of poo monster Blue Ribbon showing from the costume and set aside Department guys we've have this big oil slick on in the back of our soundstage like maybe we could use it for something let's address that later I guess when the leader of an alien culture takes a romantic interest in Lieutenant Yar he claims her for his own to the dismay of his own wife who in turn challenges Tasha in a fight to the death
  2233.800s I think one funny thing about this this episode is its reception which is being described as not as overly racist as I ever called that sell at Sea - from the onion AV club so that actually might be an improvement based on the two episode two Racine already how does LOL do you remember this episode not at all how does data feel about that I think I remember it I feel like there's like a weird like Jungle Gym structure that they have to fight in and around and like maybe like poisoned daggers get get used in this episode yeah do you want to invoke your video or do you want to see another another episode that implies sexuality with Tasha Yar well the thing is like these seasons are like 28 episodes long right there's a lot of episodes
  2293.700s you coming off half-cocked right that's definitely not what I or Commander Riker would think to do I think I'm going to save my Vito I think I am too I kind of remember liking this episode but I but I'm ready to be disappointed you would you like to straight terrible episode so far I've like neither so sorry this is been a terrible experience with your buddy been TuneIn next week for another exciting episode of the greatest Generation I've been Ben Harrison and we'll see you next time don't call don't write
  2343.300s don't you cry
  2348.100s Barbie princess
  2351.400s don't make it sound like it's out
  2355.200s show me pictures

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