Admiral Mark Jameson has one last job before he gets out of the Federation for good: negotiate the rescue of some hostages from his arch enemy. Jameson's just got one problem: he's weighed down by tons of silly putty that's been troweled onto his face. Fortunately, an alien de-aging drug has him getting younger (and sweatier) by the minute. Will the despotic Karnas believe that Jameson is who he claims to be? Can Picard and the crew ever trust Starfleet if their top brass is made of melting strawberry yogurt? And what's it like to go a little too hard with pills at a hipster dance party? We answer these questions, plus Adam tells a shameful story about the time he invested in Star Trek trading cards.

Drunk Shimoda Edit

Adam's pick is [No one]

Because no one has fun in this episode

Ben's pick is Admiral Jameson

For ridiculous makeup and acting

Trading Cards Edit

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