When Wesley meets an age-appropriate romantic partner, Picard is put in a foul mood. To make matters worse, the Enterprise’s 5 star Uber rating is at risk. While Worf and Dr. Pulaski have both met their match in a mean old lady, The Boy is going on dates and offering chocolate to his new friend, but she has a secret second ‘look’ that might be a deal breaker. Is Guinan the ship’s best counselor? Did the Sand People from Star Wars do VO work on this episode? Is Salia one of the aliens that left a big pile of Armus on Vagra II? It’s the episode where Wesley learns romantic karate from the masters.

Drunk Shimoda Edit

Adam's pick is Guinan

For her "flirting" scene with Riker

Ben's pick is Riker

For his "flirting" scene with Guinan

Trading Cards Edit

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