S1E02 Ep 1:  I Don’t Feel Comfortable With Children (S1E01&S1E02)

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14.300s  welcome to the greatest Generation podcast by two people who are sort of a shame to have a podcast about Star Trek the Next Generation your host Adam Fran with me is a standard let's just live our shamsher episode 2 okay yeah I think that's a good idea that I was just among some friends and my wife said Ben has to go watch an episode of Star Trek so we can record a podcast about it later and I felt kind of embarrassed I told her not
74.300s  tell people that but very specifically but I guess I shouldn't be ashamed of it but I guess I am a little bit if anything is going to reveal something very shameful about both of us which I think is just the useless forensic knowledge that we have about the show that we just have on tap at the ready like I can drop this knowledge pretty easy and I haven't seen these episodes in years and years and that's something that gives me personally great shame you could have memorized some some Shakespeare plays or been I don't have my wife's phone number memorized and I and I and I remember very clearly scenes from the first episode of the show that I haven't seen in how old is the show when was the first episode of 25 years ago
134.300s  this this is something we probably should know September 28th 1987 at least so far is basically this we are going to watch every single episode of Star Trek the Next Generation in chronological order and I think we reserve the right to change the premise of the show at any point at any point that suit for now I think we're focused on the crown jewel in the series of Star Trek franchises Star Trek the Next Generation I think I just want to I want a piggyback on that comment just a little bit Bend because I think we differ quite a bit in terms of Our Hope for the show's popularity I personally hope that no one listens and is in this is this is basically got like the vanity press of of podcast
194.200s  yeah yeah that was a real surprise and have you ever felt less affection from her than in that moment
203.600s  you know
205s  I guess she kind of knows who she married she wasn't saying it unaffectionately she was saying it in the store Dove it started the same way as a mom would make a comment about you transition a to go play with this model trains in front of the cool kid you don't want knowing that you still have a model train in the basement if anyone is still stuck around through this now 5-minute Preamble you're free to leave your your new no obligation to stick with us but for those of you who or bought in let's start talking about season 1 episode 1 of Star Trek the Next Generation
245.200s  the cast of entitled sorry about the story I think one of the things I wanted to talk about with you was was the story a good choice for the pilot episode of a science fiction series I think it's super weird super weird I have very strong feelings about the character of Q which who is prominently in parts of this story and it's kind of the only part of the story that is providing any danger or suspense but I'm much more interested in the Enterprise coming up against the ethical and moral quandaries of dealing with species that are equivalent technology or less technology the name but you know dealing with just kind of arbitrary Davis ex machina God characters never kind of floats my boat
302.100s  sure but it's also just like so silly like so the Enterprise's supposed to go out to this farpoint station and they're sort of stopped mid Space by this all-powerful Q entity and they're transported to this 2079 courtroom I guess that it actually seems like kind of a fun place like despite the fact that their meting out is very brutal form of Justice seems like a lot of cosplaying going on little people sprinkled in and soldiers doing knows drugs to give them the will to kill I guess it's so weird it's like the actions that they taken going to Far Point are going to determine whether or not the human race is allowed to continue by this all-powerful being but I never really connect with the idea that Q is trying to kill all humans and it
362.100s  like in the in the script sort of obfuscate whether it's all humans or just the Enterprise cuz the Enterprise is sort of a stand-in for all humans in the context of this episode they're being stopped from going like further than mankind has ever gone before because the Q has an axe to grind and stopped my new by like a giant electrical Pendleton blanket like that that's that's like Flatley laid out in front of them doesn't make any sense why why an omnipotent alien would would build a Cyclone Fence in space exactly I don't get that that's one of many things that just doesn't make sense in this episode and his men like personal attack is to freeze you which never happens again like you appears like a whole bunch more times and the in the franchise and I don't think he ever freezes anybody ever again
422s  has the costume department just ran out of fire extinguisher there's one pretty cool shot when he like magical Esau's Tasha Yar back out and and they do like a really solid Crossfade between her being Frozen and and her being alive only made the scene afterwards where Patrick Stewart is like half of his head isn't a vignette yeah that's not make sense at all from a technical standpoint like they can pull off a transition that dust the snow off of Tasha Yar but they can't have Patrick Stewart just framed up properly to deliver lions and unlike his scene is like over a minute-long then heading back to him and half of his head is dark one thing this this scene does do is set up the premise that Picard is a skilled orator and and law
482s  essentially ended that comes back several times in the series where you know he's he's asked to argue in a court of law of one of 1 caliber another and he always does well but basically they convinced the Q2 to judge them not based on the actions of their forebears were based on their actions in the coming Mission by our future potential and I should say I guess but by this time they've separated the saucer section from the stardrive which is seeing that is set up as though it's going to be very suspenseful you know when they ask data if it's if it can be done and he says it's not advisable but it's possible there's zero margin for error and then instead of playing suspenseful music and playing that that scene for suspense they just play the title theme and it's like really triumphant and completely non suspenseful and they play it all the way through
542s  play the entire track know they've been able to make a model but comes apart into pieces worth it to you at any point like the reason they're doing this is to get the women and children away from the danger but they're they're doing this process for the very first time data has said that that it's terrifically dangerous to do this at this speed how can I possibly say which is the worst Choice like they don't have any anything to base that just decision on it doesn't make any sense it makes it out for a commercial break and we fade backup add Commander William Riker is wandering around farpoint meeting the the guy who's in charge and Soarin and then you know meeting a couple of the other characters who we have
602.100s  I haven't met yet and boy is he a handsome devil William T Riker I think he establishes right away that he is the sexual icon character of the show now yeah I think you know during many of us interactions they're sort of an innuendo the women look at him as he leaves Play It's really in the Forefront in a fun way I think if you're reading for the part of Commander Riker I think you have to be excited about your potential as an actor too maybe maybe have some make out scenes do some sweet makeouts have some some some sweet MOS ashes this is all
647.500s  the scene where Wesley tries to hook him up with his mom right yeah yeah that that happens and and then we're introduced to Geordi laforge who runs up and says that he's urgently wanted on board the Enterprise and this is when Riker first meets Captain Picard they've never met before and man the card big dogs the shit out of Wreck it does seem like Riker comes on board the Battle Bridge of the stardrive section and Picard doesn't even turn and look at him for like the first couple of minutes of the same it is ridiculously uncomfortable in the back of his bald head on board and Picard basically says like we're in some shit already like go watch this Monitor and get caught up
707.400s  who's like the first half of the episode on a TV while like some other stuff is going on in the foreground like they just kind of like fade out and he's like sitting back here watching TV it's so awful
725.900s  turn it down
729.600s  so Riker gets caught up and he quickly agrees with the captain that that shit is popping off and Picard kind of continues to Big Dog in and says like okay the saucer sections back go ahead and put us back together manually and everybody's terrified that that's going to go wrong so they play the reconnecting of the two parts of the ship for like half of the suspense that they should have played with separating part 4 and keep in mind like the stakes are just as high and roast some reason Picard big dogs them into doing it manually whatever that means we soon find out that reconnecting the saucer and stardrive section to manually involves just telling O'Brien and data how fast to go LOL it's the most low-stakes manual way of doing it the things ever and when he does it successfully everyone like turns around and looks of them admiringly like oh my God your your instructions were so clear
789.500s  he told us to turn 3 degrees to the left like a pro like a fucking Pro like just further establishing like you know Picard might be big dogging him right now but like we know who the swinging dick of the of the bridge crew is and it's definitely Riker William T there's then a scene where Picard and Riker like meeting meeting up in the in the observation lounge and regard continues to like really be his shit head about this issue of the captain not going on away missions which is basically just to see him to establish that unlike the original series the captain will not be constantly in needless harm and then they also like planted Picard hates children in this scene Ben ask you something before we get off this scene that I can't get it out of my head
847.200s  I'm going to ask you a question and then I'm going to support the statement all right okay
851.700s  does Riker have any reason to believe that the card is not a pedophile based on what he tells them of that room because the way he says it just give me a ship with children aboard
866.200s  guess I
869.100s  I don't feel comfortable with children and the way he acts towards Wesley when he finally goes into the bridge later remember what he says it's a classic get in the van line it's hey boy I know your father okay
887.900s  I mean messed up interviewing for a job then and like a pun getting that job you're your new boss stood staring out the window saying how is that not a a classic I'm a pedofile but I don't want to tell you I'm a pedophile so to move
908.500s  it is a full-blown classic I'm a pedofile move and boy it's given me a lot to think about the only two scenes that I think we really need to touch on before we get to sort of the climactic events are the scene where Riker finds data in the Holodeck which is our first introduction to the idea that the Starship Enterprise has a magical hologram room where you can be swept away to anywhere and data is attempting to Whistle Pop Goes the Weasel I think that's a theme that Riker knows very well right and Emmanuel fashion and Wesley Crusher comes in an and slips into the drink and data pulls him out with his superhuman strength so we get a lot of lot of like information about how data works because
968.400s  Riker doesn't quite by the data's rank is real and and then they all leave the Holodeck together and Picard discovers that Wesley Crusher is getting his ship wet with the holographic water that he observed doesn't he never sheds a tear and then immediately rusts out the special effects in this scene are great the the you know the Holodeck door disappearing it's probably is like as well done as it's done in the entire Series in the scene does a great job of kind of planting the potential of this thing without blowing it in the first go it's almost the most fantastic thing about the show like yeah as a kid when I was like I was just as enthralled by the idea of like being in a spaceship and going anywhere in the spaceship but the Holodeck is almost more fantastic because you can go anywhere
1028.400s  be anyone you spend all your time in there how did how did these people get anything done as long as there's a Holodeck around yeah I'm this is another thing that's like sort of this is like Rikers first experience of a holiday when when he first goes on he's like oh yeah like I've read about this and then like dated demonstrates that one of the walls is holographic in like throws a rock at it and it and it was is out but then like I think my like season 3 like Holodeck technology is like super mainstream like everybody's just like over it you know it's not it's not it's not like it doesn't like wow anybody's pants off that it exists the way it does in his first episode which may be a little bit of a misstep on the part of the writers yeah I just don't understand how how it how is that not the heroine of the 24 Century like you're constantly trying to chase the dragon of the coolest thing you could possibly
1088.400s  play Imagine true in the Holodeck the hottest person that you could have totally consequence-free sex with I mean there's some mediately walking back into the Holodeck and then creating a pig pile of like 40 alien women just like yeah so the other seen that we should just talk touch on briefly is the Cameo from DeForest Kelley as bones McCoy doctor of the Enterprise from the original series in very scary old man makeup that is exactly like a Vulcan and then says well the ship has the right name You Treat Her Like a Lady and shall always bring you home which which is just such a
1148.300s  add line at McCoy calling data boy like a plantation owner yeah I was a little like an order or just like a modern cop interacting with a person of color Justin upsetting like condescension that didn't seem super warrant warranted didn't see his character either
1183.100s  I think that we should probably just kind of get to the climax here which is the whole question that they've been asking at farpoint station is how did these aliens who all look homeless build this fantastic Paradise like station and then why are they still dressed like they're homeless when they're living in the in the space station I didn't think they Crystal's character in The Princess Bride little bit too good to be true which is a great like conflict have so they keep having to like have q pop up on the viewers view screen to the Enterprise and go remember there are steaks at Star Trek is When Things become too good or to be truer than their normal life which is already but they discovered that
1243.100s  next the the space station is one of a pair of huge spacefaring space jellyfishes and the the Bundy people of deneb four have essentially enslaved one of them to be a space station which is a really crazy concept that they don't really explain much like how does she get down to the surface are they brought this giant space jellyfish that's supposed to be 12 times the size of the Starship Enterprise and then coaxed it into being a space station instead of being a jellyfish somehow it's been like in like everything is everything is like Stone construction with like heavy wooden doors like it's it's a real weird like halfway technology
1303.200s  like Middle Ages type of place like they may go to see Zone the administrators and in his office at one point and the like huge heavy wood doors with cast iron fittings like automatically swing open like any doors in Star Trek would I feel like how did they open like there's no technology in this whole fucking place and then if it just suddenly the doors open did you also get a kick out of the like the squid that they trapped in and turned into the station gets free this is another like one of the like great special effects in this episode this started shows up looking like the the the one that's not imprisoned is shows up looking like a spaceship that might be like a lamp that you buy in The Sharper Image but then it flip flips over and it looks like a jellyfish and it's like a really good like transition effect that they that they pulled off the ship look like
1363.200s  oh yeah we made it hilarious when Wharf goes like yeah we scan the ship and it looks like nothing that has ever been found before and it is the most plain Jane it's like a by-the-book UFO drawing of a UFO they realize that the what is keeping the other alien on the planet surface is that it doesn't have enough energy so they modify a phaser and fire the energy beam until it turns into a similar but different color jellyfish and Liza this is a moment where I really wish that they would show what was going on actually on the station cuz when they fire that phaser I just wanted to like cut to the surface with people like running and screaming
1411.900s  yeah when they open up the Ark in Raiders of the Lost basically everyone has to melt at that moment it's the murder of millions of people which they don't seem to address the fact that people live there I do this but yeah and then and then you know the two aliens meat and counselor Troi the half betazoid ship's counselor is there to tell us what emotions to feel about that I thought it was interesting that in the future and the 24 Century that one of these squid ships with pink and one of them was a blue just so just so the idiot viewer could understand life alien species yes although the one that was coming to the rescue was the pink one so that's pretty cool that's pretty Advanced dongs to say hello again these episodes
1471.900s  the dudes in dresses characters that you see in the background there's like a a short mini skirt Starfleet uniform that Troy is wearing prominently in the foreground but there's a couple of shots like farpoint station where they'll be like three or four Dudes walking around in mini skirt dresses and that's something that they abandoned pretty early on but like these early episodes I really relish that they really missed an opportunity to stick dr. McCoy in one of those during his tour of the new ship yeah yeah pause dangling floor The Fringe of that thing
1511.900s  Angela sinagra
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1728.100s  what Adam this is the part of the show where we'll talk about what the next episode is and what we can remember about it and also so one one power we have given ourselves in this series is that we each have a a single veto over an episode per season so there seven seasons of Star Trek the Next Generation there's some real turkeys in the in the list of episodes there's like a hundred seventy something episodes of this show and we would probably kill ourselves if we had to watch the 14 worst episodes on my nose so we each have a reach of a v tail and we'll discuss what the next episode is and whether either of us wants to info card invocar retail so the next episode is the naked now and it's let's see the Enterprise and counters are research ship where the Personnel are all found
1785.300s  dead and they quickly become infected with the same Affliction one under that is similar to that suffered by the crew of James T Kirk's USS Enterprise decades before yeah I don't really remember this episode that well based on that description but I don't think I would invoke Mike v-tail I think it's like it's a rotten very script so that's kind of that's always fun for me how about you I remember nothing about this episode based on your episode capsule but I I clicked forward in Wikipedia to see how it was received and two sentences stick out to me the initial reaction of some fans was dismay and add however you slice it up this episode is pretty awful that to me means we definitely have to watch episodes
1845.500s  the good ones well I think that we should probably call it a night for this episode but if I've had a real fun time recording the as poorly planned out and poorly thought-out first episode of the greatest Generation as the first episode of Star Trek the Next Generation if there's one thing we learn from this it's that we can't promise it's going to get any better is this ever
1883.700s  well I've been good been Harrison
1887.900s  alright I've been Adam pranica and this has been the greatest Generation season 1 episode 1 long and prosper
1898.400s  I'm not going to say that
1903.800s  you make it sound I'll make it 7
1907.700s  John ricotta